Pain Management

Pain is a feeling that is triggered in the nervous system. This pain may be “acute” or “chronic”. Acute pain is usually easier to treat. Chronic pain, however, can have many causes, making it more difficult to treat. Chronic pain often requires customized formulations, specific to each patient needs. Transdermal gels or creams are formulated to provide systemic or local absorption of medications. These applications bypass the gastrointestinal system and first-pass hepatic metabolism, making them more effective and also avoiding the side effects associated with oral administration. The Apothecary staff will work with your practitioner to find the right formulation for you.

Conditions we can help to treat:

  • arthritis pain                                   head, neck and facial pain
  • ankle, foot and knee pain          migraines
  • diabetic neuropathy                    post herpetic neuralgia (shingles)
  • fibromyalgia                                   shoulder pain                     
  • gout                                                      tennis elbow
  • neuropathic pain                         shingles