Pediatric Compounding

The Apothecary staff work with physicians to compound medications that are more palatable for pediatric patients. Children can sometimes be difficult when it comes to taking medication. This may be due to the taste, the fear or inability to swallow tablets and capsules or because of the discomfort with the insertion of a suppository. We compound oral preparations in flavors that a child will find pleasant or in transdermal creams that can be applied topically to the wrist or abdomen. The Apothecary staff will help the child patient overcome the fear of medications by making alternative dosage forms.

Conditions we can help to treat:

  • acne                                                    scabies
  • diaper                                                head lice
  • fungal infections                          black fly repellent
  • nail biting                                         pruritus
  • chest congestion                           nausea & vomiting
  •  nipple ointment                            topical anesthetics
  • constipation in infants