Hard to Find Products

Is the product you want hard to find or is it no longer available? Manufacturers have discontinued some products. Call us! We may be able to help.

Obtundia – This is an old remedy used to treat burns, insect stings, mosquito and bug bites, and many other skin irritations, such as pimples and abrasions. It is no longer available, but we do have a similar formula. We would be happy to discuss our formulation with your physician for this helpful cream.

Shepard’s Cream –  Also unavailable. Compare to our Skin Cream #1, an unscented, lanolin free, soothing  lubricant.

Johnson & Johnson First Aid Cream – Missed by so many. Try our Integ, a non-greasy lotion for dry or chapped skin and the dryness associated with eczema.

Lamb’s Wool – No longer commercially available. The Apothecary packages small bags of lanolin rich wool from local sheep, so soothing on heels, bunions and between toes! Runners find it especially helpful!